Irrigation Department, Government of Assam is the custodian of all the Irrigation Schemes in the State of Assam. The Department executes the works, operate the schemes and also maintains them.Irrigation and water resources development provides the basic infrastructure for the growth of economy of the country and large investment has been made for the purpose in our country.
The State's Ultimate Irrigation Potential is assessed at 27 Lakh Hectares out of which 10 Lakh Hectares is envisaged to be brought under irrigation through Major & Medium Irrigation Projects and 17 Lakh Hectares through Minor Irrigation Schemes.

The major activities of the department are:

  • To increase Agricultural production of the State by ensuring timely and adequate irrigation to the fields to cultivate high yielding variety crops
  • To increase irrigation intensity by ensuring water throughout the year and thereby encouraging multiple cropping.
  • Utilization of irrigation potential by equitable distribution of water through command area development
  • Rendering assistance to form Water Users' Association
  • Providing scope for generation of hydro electric power by constructing mini hydel projects in the Irrigation canal.
  • Providing Low Intensity flood mitigation measures.
  • Collection of Service Charge from the beneficiaries.
  • Providing employment opportunity to citizen at various level as regular employee and/ on contractual basis and also through works executed by the contractors


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