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Government Of Assam Irrigation

Apply for Irrigation Water for Cultivation


  • Irrigation means supply of water to crop in proper quantity & at proper time.
  • Equitable distribution of water through command area development 
  • Collection of Irrigation Service charges from the farmers for utilization of irrigation water.
  • Increase in agricultural production of the State by providing assured irrigation supply to the field


The economy of Assam is predominantly agricultural based, as about 85% of the populations live on agricultural activities for their livelihood and 15 % is dependent on allied services. The gross cropped area of the State is 41,59,977 hectare. In order to cope up with the food deficit caused by growth in population and to ensure food security, multiple cropping with irrigation support is highly necessary. Moreover due to vagaries of nature, global warming, ecological imbalance and erratic monsoon, the rain fall is not taking place at right time to the help of the agricultural practices. As such irrigation input is found to be the only alternative which can provide right amount of water at right time to carry out agricultural activity.

Eligibility Criteria

He/she should be the owner / occupier /tiller of the land for which irrigation water has been applied

Documents Required

Land ownership document.

The duly filled form given in Schedule I below

How to apply

To apply for irrigation water , download the form given in Schedule I and submit it to the department. 

Type of Service

Offline : Yes

Forms to be filled

Schedule IApplication form for Irrigation WaterDownload


Whom to Contact

 Irrigation Officer (Assistant Executive Engineer) of the concerned Scheme.

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