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Government Of Assam Irrigation

Irrigation Service Charge

Irrigation Service Charges (Water Tax) is collected from the farmers and then it is suggested to invest the realized amount to meet up the shortage of fund available. But the present process of Realization of Irrigation Service Charges (R.I.S.C.) introduced from 1994. Earlier to that, the beneficiaries (farmers) were provided irrigation water free, difficulties are being faced to realize the dues. Meeting with cultivators of the schemes have since been started and is continuing but though the trend is on the increasing, the amount realized is meager compared to what is due.

The Govt. of Assam refixed the Irrigation Service Charges for realization from the beneficiaries of all types of Irrigation schemes at the rate indicated below in March 2000:

Crops Rate/Bigha (Rs.) Rate/Hectare(Rs.)
1. Kharif 37.50 281.24
2. Wheat and other Rabi crops 75.00 262.50
3. Early Ahu 100.00 751.00
4. Ahu 100.00 751.00
5. Jute 20.00 150.00
6. Sugarcane 29.60 222.00