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Government Of Assam Irrigation

Formulation of a Scheme/Project

  • Identification of Scheme

    First of all, before taking up an irrigation project for implementation, an investigation of the proposed scheme is to be made by the competent engineer. A reconnaissance survey of the headwork site and its proposed command area and catchment area is to be made to ascertain whether the scheme is technically and economically viable. The river water discharge data at lean periods and high flood periods are to be recorded with accuracy for hydrological design of the structure. If the river discharge in lean period is sufficient to cater to the need to irrigate the proposed command area, the scheme may be proposed for its implementation and further proces

    Investigation and Survey

    Hydrological Survey in Puthmari River

    After getting necessary sanction from the Government  to the schemes, a detailed contour survey of the command area is to be done for canal alignment within the command area and for assessing the GCA, CCA, NIA, AIA etc. Soil exploration at headwork site is required to test the bearing capacity of the soil for designing the abutment walls with seismic load consideration. After command area mapping, geotechnical investigation etc., detail design estimate/report are prepared for according technical sanction by the competent engineers