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Government Of Assam Irrigation

CAD: Enhancing Irrigation Potential

What is CAD?

Command Area Development (CAD) works through CADWM Programme of Government of India which is in implementation since 1974-75. The programme has been brought under Pradhan Mantry Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY)- Har Khet Ko Pani from 2015-16 onwards. The main objective of taking up CAD works is to enhance utilization of irrigation potential created and improve agriculture production on a sustainable basis through Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM). In order to promote water use efficiency in irrigation, the CADWM programme has also been targeting at least 10% of the culturable command area (CCA) of the included projects for development of micro-irrigation infrastructure for facilitating use of sprinkler/drip irrigation systems. The CADWM programme mandates formation of Water Users’ Associations (WUAs) under each project and also gives them start-up support through one-time infrastructure grant and functional grant.

What are the schemes under CAD?

CADWM works of all other projects are proposed to be funded through Incentivization Scheme for Bridging Irrigation Gap (ISBIG) between IPC and IPU, the works under which shall also include system correction/ renovation and modernization requirement of completed projects in addition to pressurized pipe system and use of sprinklers and Drip for their functioning at optimum level.” 

Accordingly, a new scheme Incentivization Scheme for Bridging Irrigation Gap (ISBIG) is being formulated by the MoWR, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Govt. of India, New Delhi with the aims of (i) completion of CADWM works with correction of system deficiencies in canal network for bridging the gap between IPC and IPU (ii) Improve the water use efficiency in irrigation and providing assured supply of water to each farm field and (iii) transfer of control and management of irrigation system to the Water Users’ Association.

A minimum 30% extent of the CCA of a project included under ISBIG will be covered under Micro Irrigation works and the balance extent will be targeted to conventional On Farm Development (OFD) works.

Project Status 

Since inception of CADWM Programme 5 (five) numbers of irrigation project have been completed and another 4(four) numbers of projects are in on-going stage.

Completed Projects On-going Projects
Jamuna Irrigation Project  Bardikarai Irrigation Project
Kaliabor Lift Irrigation Project  Pahumara CAD Project
Sukla Irrigation Project Dhansiri CAD Project
Kadiya Irrigation Project Maloibari LIS CAD Project
Dekadong  Irrigation Project  

 The Jamuna I/P, Kaliabar Lift I/P and Sukla I/P have been completed during the year 2003-04 and Kaldiya & Dekadong I/P have been completed during the last financial year 2016-17. By completing 5(five) nos. of project we have utilized 61448 ha. of Land and 67736 ha. of land will be utilized after completion of the remaining 4(four) on-going projects.

In addition to this as per new Programme (ISBIG) we have proposed another 15(fifteen) numbers of Minor I/P including 4 (four nos. of on-going projects except Dhansiri CAD Project under CADWM Programme with projected CCA of 42.325 Th. Ha. The Dhansiri CAD Project is proposed under Long Term Irrigation Fund (LTIF) through NABARD.

The details are shown in Annexure I  and Annexure 2