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Government Of Assam Irrigation

Increasing Water Use Efficiency

The Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) has been introduced to increase farmers' participation in the management of precious irrigation water in the State. Through PIM the beneficiary cultivators will form the Water Users’ Associations (WUAs) who will take part in the planning pertaining to management & distribution of water including collection of Irrigation Service Charges with the help of the departmental staff. All the completed Irrigation Schemes will have to be handed over to the WUAs who will be responsible for their operation & maintenance.

In order to streamline the PIM activities in the State, legal back up to Water Users’ Associations is proposed to be given. For this, ‘The Assam Irrigation Water Users’ Act, 2004’ has been enacted. It is expected that the PIM activities will be geared up in the State in respect of efficient and equitable distribution of water through farmers’ organizations.

At present, a total number of 1591 Water Users’ Associations have been formed in the Command areas of Government Irrigation Schemes for Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation projects. 

Districtwise number of water users associations under the command of irrigation schemes till 31-03-2019,Click here

For information on Districtwise/ Irrigation Divisionwise Water Users' Associations within the command areas of Irrigation Schemes upto 31-03-2019 click on the link below

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To know more about the WUAs , the Water Users' Association Act,2004 is given  Click Here