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Government Of Assam Irrigation

CADWM Projects

  • Since inception of CADWM Programme the department has completed 5(five) nos. of irrigation project and another 4(four) nos. of projects are in on-going stage.

    The Jamuna I/P, Kaliabar Lift I/P and Sukla I/P have been completed during the year 2003-04 and Kaldiya & Dekadong I/P have been completed during the last financial year 2016-17. By completing 5(five) nos. of project we have utilized 61448 ha. of Land and 67736 ha. of land will be utilized after completion of the remaining 4(four) on-going projects.

    In addition to this as per new Programme Incentivisation Scheme for Bridging Irrigation Gap(ISBIG) we have proposed another 15(fifteen) nos. of Minor I/P including 3 (three) nos. of on-going projects except Dhansiri CAD Project under CADWM Programme with projected CCA of 42.325 Th. Ha. The Dhansiri CAD Project is proposed under Long Term Irrigation Fund (LTIF) through NABARD.

    Completed Projects On-going Projects
    Jamuna Irrigation Project  Bardikarai  I/P Project
    Kaliabor Lift Irrigation Project  Pahumara CAD Project
    Sukla Irrigation Project Dhansiri CAD Project
    Kadiya Irrigation Project Maloibari LIS CAD Project
    Dekadong  Irrigation Project  



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