Jamuna Irrigation Scheme

  • Last Updated on: August 31, 2023
  • Launch Date : Not Available

Jamuna Irrigation Scheme is the first major Irrigation Scheme in Assam. It was completed in 1968-69 and commissioned in June 1969. The scheme covers a Gross Command Area (G.C.A.) of 33,478 Ha and Culturable Command Area (C.C.A) of 27705 Ha within Karbi Anglong and Hojai Districts of Assam. The Headwork is located at Bokolia (Karbi Anglong) at latitude:26.05056944oN and Longitude:93.18191389oS. In Karbi Anglong, the scheme covers a GCA of 2874 Ha and CCA of 2005 Ha and in Hojai district, it covers a GCA of 30604 Ha and CCA of 25700 Ha. From this scheme, 10005 families are benefitted from 136 Nos. of revenue villages under both Karbi Anglong and Hojai districts. For smooth functioning of the scheme, and with a purpose to supply water to the 136 Nos. of villages, 43 Nos. of Water Users’ Association (WUA) are formed till date.

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