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Irrigation Project Monitoring System (IPMS)

  • Online Service

Portal for Irrigation Project Monitoring System (IPMS) has been inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister, Irrigation Department   on 27th. September’ 2021 with a motive to bring Departmental Officials, Contractors and Farmers in one platform for better monitoring of schemes and effective service delivery. This portal is connected to three user-friendly apps namely Irrigation Khetiyak Bondhu App for Farmers, INO Irrigation App for Irrigation Departmental Officials and Contractors, which can be downloaded from Google play store.


  • The following details are available in web portal:-

 (i)  LAC wise scheme mapping      (ii) Geo Tagged Location of the Schemes     (iii) Beneficiary Details with Contact Numbers     (iv) Division wise scheme mapping      (v) Status of the Schemes (vi)  Contractor Management Module     (vii)  New Scheme Request from the Farmers       (viii)  Grievances of the Farmers   (ix) Photos and Videos of the Schemes   (x)  Interaction between Department Officials   (xi)  Irrigation GIS System    (xii) Departmental News and Notices             (xiii) Organisation Tree Map    (xiv) Funding Agencies   (xv) Joining Reports of the Officials.

  • The following actions can be performed by the Departmental Officials in INO Irrigation App:-

 (i) Listing of Scheme under their Jurisdiction  (ii) Updation of Working Status of the Schemes (iii) Addition of  the Beneficiaries to the Schemes (iv) Submission of the Field Report  (v) Updation of the Location of the Schemes (vi) Listing of the Contractors under their jurisdiction     (vii)  Providing Departmental News and Notices (viii) Creation of the Meetings.

  • The following features are available in INO Irrigation App for Contractors:-

(i) Contractor can get Departmental news and notices from the Officials    (ii) They can get list of all the   works allocated to them    (iii) They can update Progress of the Work from the App        (iv) They can upload photographs from the site against a work allocated to them.

  • The following features are available in Irrigation Khetiyak Bondhu App for Farmers/Beneficiaries:-

(i)  Farmers/Beneficiaries can log in to the app   (ii) The App is available in Assamese language as well   (iii) Farmers may view the list of the schemes LAC wise   (iv) Beneficiaries may report issues to the Department against their schemes   (v) Beneficiaries may see the resolution provided by the department against their problems   (vii) Farmers may request for new schemes to the Department from the App.

INO Irrigation Web Portal of Irrigation Project Monitoring System (IPMS) is being integrated with


           1.  Call Centre for beneficiary grievances redressal.

           2.  PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan portal.

           3. Online Contractor registration portal ( and their work orders are being uploaded at portal.

           4.  Social Media.


For better coordination with Agriculture Deptt., process of giving access to Agriculture Department officials in INO Irrigation Web Portal of Irrigation Project Monitoring System (IPMS) is going on by which the Agriculture Department Officials could access data related to Irrigation facilities received by farmers & area irrigated. They could also update their data which could be accessed by Irrigation Department Officials.


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