Compensation for Land Acquisition

Last Updated on: August 05, 2023

Manuals in Force  for Land Acquisition for various Government Purposes

The Assam Land Acquisition Manual, 1964 (for speedy acquisition of land in certain cases especially for development measures in connection with flood control & anti-erosion including embankment & drainage, irrigation etc.)

The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Resettlement and Rehabilitation Act, 2013.

The National Highway Act, 1956

Procedure to be followed for Land Acquisition

  • Proposal to be submitted by the requiring Department with Index Map (Land Allignment) along with a certificate in Appendix III regarding Administrative Approval as well as Budget Provision for the particular Scheme. The proposal should be addressed to the Collector of the District.
  • Joint Verification of site by Revenue Officer / Officials (Circle Officers’ L.R. Staff or L.R. Staff of the Land Acquisition branch of Deputy Commissioner’s Office) with the requiring department.
  • Preparation of Land Acquisition Proposal. (L.A. papers to be signed by the Circle Officer as well as by the requiring department).
  • Preparation of Zirat list (crops including trees etc. standing in the patta land) along with huts, building etc. which are to be removed from the land to be acquired. The joint signature of the LAO / Collector & the requiring department is to be obtained in the list. Signature of the Zirat holder’s are also to be obtained in the Zirat list.
  • Preliminary Notification under section 9 (1) signed by the Collector is to be sent to the Director, Printing & Stationery, Assam i.e. Assam Government Press located at Bamunimaidam, for publication in the Assam Gazette & at least in 2(two) nos. of highly circulated newspapers in the locality of which preferably one in regional language.
  • Under section 9(2) the Deputy Collector or the Land Acquisition Officer of the District will serve notice to the affected pattadars.
  • Disposals of objections, if any
  • Fixing of land valuation as per The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Resettlement and Rehabilitation Act, 2013. (Section 26 to section 30) by the Collector
  • Preparation of estimate for the land acquired with Zirats, houses, buildings etc. by the Collector and then the same is sent back to the concerned department for administrative approval & placement of fund, which is to be forwarded through proper channel to the government by the requiring department. {Estimate to be prepared as per Rule 24 under Act. 30 of 2013 (Form-VII)}
  • After approval of estimate by the Government, the requiring department will release the fund.
  • On receipt of fund, Award will be prepared by the Collector but before preparation of Award, individual land share is to be obtained from the concerned Circle Officer. (See sub rule (I) of rule 36 & Sec.23&30 of the Act.30 of 2013. FORM-X)
  • After approval of Award, compensation is to be paid to the affected pattadars / Zirat holders.
  • An unscheduled notice signed by the Collector may be served to the concerned pattadar to receive land / Zirat compensation against the land to be acquired.
  • Circle Officer will take over possession of the acquired land from the concerned pattadars and hand it over to the requiring department.
  • Concerned Circle Officer will correct the Land Records in favour of the requiring department and submit report to the Collector / Deputy Commissioner with corrected land records.
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