Pay Irrigation Service Charge

Last Updated on: July 19, 2023


  • Optimum utilisation of irrigation potential through effective use of water to increase agricultural production
  • Formation of Water Users' Association for operation and maintenance of irrigation schemes
  • The Irrigation service charge are realized through the benefiiary committees. Cropwise rates are available in Information and Services


Irrigation Service charge is normally levied on the farmers for utilization of irrigation water. The charge will be realized by the Irrigation Department  through Beneficiary Committees of the Irrigation Schemes.. The amounts so collected are deposited to the State Treasury..

As per national policy, Irrigation Service Charges or water rates, as the case may be, should be realized from the beneficiary farmers so as to cover at least the full operation and maintenance cost of the irrigation schemes and the same should be reviewed and enhanced from time to time to cover about one per cent of the capital cost. The Irrigation Department levied Irrigation Service Charges in 1992 and the rates were doubled with effect from 2000 for enhancing revenue in conformity with the Fiscal Reforms Programme.

Process Flow

  • Entry in the Water Distribution Register as water user on the basis of land holding record.
  • Issue of notice by the Irrigation Officer demanding Irrigation Service Charge on the basis of water supplied to the crop field for specific crop season.
  • Collection of Irrigation Service Charge and issue of cash Memo / Cash receipt.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Cultivator should have some land within the command area of irrigation.
  • The land should be cultivable and should belong to the person.


Documents Required

Valid land ownership documents 

Important Timeline

 The Irrigation Service Charges are to be paid just after completion of the crop season to which the charges relate.

How to apply

 The amount of Service Charge is to be paid to the Irrigation officer who will in turn issue cash Memo / Cash Receipt for the said amount

Type of Service

Offline Service

Forms to be filled

There are no forms to be filled. However, a Register for supplying water to crop field is maintained  by the Irrigation Officer in every Section.

Whom to Contact

 Irrigation Officer i.e. the Assistant Executive Engineer of the locality / site / or the person in-charge of the Service.

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